Show Themes

We have identified five key themes that are essential to the creation of truly sustainable buildings. These five themes will resonate throughout the SEE experience – from the show floor to the seminar program.

Let’s say you are a visitor who is interested in the structural elements of a building, you would look for the blue colour (shown below) on the columns or the top of exhibitor stands. You would also then check out the seminar program and register for sessions with the same blue colour. Simple!

SEE Structure


SEE Structure covers the design and structural elements of a building.

SEE Performance


SEE Performance covers the performance and efficiencies of a building from thermal comfort to energy to water to certification.

SEE Inside


SEE Inside covers all of the interiors of a building from the flooring to the wall linings to the ceiling to the fit out.

SEE Outside


SEE Outside cover everything from the external paints to render to cladding to landscaping.

SEE Social Impact


SEE Social Impact covers the wider social impact of our building industry, from ethical manufacturing to fair trade to communities.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these key show themes, please contact our sales team via email or call 0413 803 987.