SEE talks deep with Norfolk Blinds

SEE talks deep with Paul Humber from Norfolk Blinds.

Q1: Who is responsible for the creation of a sustainable building – the building owner or the building industry?

We believe both parties are equally responsible. The building owner must have the desire to build a clean, green and efficient building while the building industry must provide the products required and adhere to the specifications. Stephen Covey in his timeless ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” said “begin with the end in mind”, this is particularly important with the creation of sustainable buildings.

Q2: Comment on the following: Sustainability is still relatively young in Australia, whereby we don’t know what our individual or collective role is to achieve it.

Whilst this statement is undoubtedly true, and possibly a consideration we would try to avoid (seeing as Australians don’t like admitting we don’t know), this is a terrific opportunity to collaborate and develop a sustainable building industry. Our individual and collective roles can be clarified and directed by initiatives such as the Sustainable Experience Expo where persons and organisations can share their products, vision and experience in the sustainable building industry.

Q3: Regulation, standardisation of energy efficiency plus innovation of new materials and building systems have been positive drivers changing our old school ways of constructing buildings. Are we ready now to up the ante to provide the best sustainable outcome, inside and out? Who and what will it take?

The industry is indeed ready to move forward with sustainable buildings. It is now up to the building industry regulating bodies and the authorities to ensure the standards are clear and the information and requirements are available to all players in the industry. To achieve rapid growth and take-up of sustainable building it will require benefits to the investor and developers to ensure they get the needed return on their investment. There should be credits available from building red tape costs based on a structured scale of sustainability achieved. This will ensure it is financially worthwhile to the investor to take the road to building sustainability, along with the environmental responsibility which we all carry.

The greatest driver for change will be a forward thinking Government ready to collaborate with the industry to set achievable, reportable and rewardable goals.

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