SEE talks deep with Dincel

In this edition, we talk with Ken from Dincel.

Q1: Who is responsible for the creation of a sustainable building – the building owner or the building industry?

The building industry and the regulations would be the driver but the responsibility still lies with the individual builder.

Q2: Comment on the following: Sustainability is still relatively young in Australia, whereby we don’t know what our individual or collective role is to achieve it.

I agree and this needs to be again reinforced through the industry.

Q3: Regulation, standardisation of energy efficiency plus innovation of new materials and building systems have been positive drivers changing our old school ways of constructing buildings. Are we ready now to up the ante to provide the best sustainable outcome, inside and out? Who and what will it take?

Given that we are innovative company and have done everything in line with the concept of the SEE in bringing the product to commercial reality, I find that we are the ones educating everyone in all aspects of the product and the regulations and compliances to builders, architects and engineers alike. We do not have any policing of products that are imported to ensure that they meet the BCA etc. We need a construction policing body apart from the certifiers who are just ticking boxes.

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