SEE talks deep with Aus Home Insulation

In this edition we talk with Aus Home Insulation.

Q1: Who is responsible for the creation of a sustainable building – the building owner or the building industry?

Both are responsible – the industry needs to keep up to date with new research and products to do with sustainable building, but the owner needs also be aware of their impact on the environment and be specific about what they want in terms of building sustainably and relay that to their builder.

Q2: Comment on the following: Sustainability is still relatively young in Australia, whereby we don’t know what our individual or collective role is to achieve it.

Australia IS very young in terms of sustainability. The whole industry needs to be changed or brought up to date. Education is the key to improve understanding of sustainability from the government down to the attitude of builders. Building is an art. Increased awareness of sustainable building and incorporation of these building methods can increase pride and ownership in the building industry.

Q3: Regulation, standardisation of energy efficiency plus innovation of new materials and building systems have been positive drivers changing our old school ways of constructing buildings. Are we ready now to up the ante to provide the best sustainable outcome, inside and out? Who and what will it take?

Government input through tougher regulations and building inspectors need to be more strict. Education is required to change attitudes in terms of investment. The initial investment into sustainable building practices can be very high which is off putting to the consumer. Information through research and statistics to demonstrate savings in the long term will help to demonstrate the benefit to incorporating sustainable building practices in the first place. And change in attitudes – for example when investing in solar panels compared to insulation, solar panels seem to be more appealing as the consumer can see the panels on the house.  Who is to say that effectively insulating your house won’t save you just as much money when the consumer isn’t able to physically see the insulation in the walls/roof etc.

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