Need help finding the right Office for your Startup? Read this.

Are you planning to start a business? or do you want to upscale your work-from-home business to an office? either way, you cannot just pick any room and call it your office. The environment and ambiance of your office plays a crucial role in determining the quality of outcome you can expect from your team. This is why, choosing an office space is a decision that requires some serious consideration.  

But, what exactly do you need to consider before choosing your future office? We’re here to help you in that. Following are the key factors that you should consider when choosing office for your new business.  


The first and foremost thing to consider is the location. The location of your office plays a vital role in determining the results you will get from your business. To consider the location, you need to figure out 2 things: 

  • Whether the office can be easily approached by the clients? 
  • Whether the office can be easily approached by the employees?  

If the answer to both of these questions is a ‘yes’, then it’s a green signal for the location. Remember, both of these factors are equally important, irrespective of the nature of your business. In the case of approachability of clients, your office’s location defines your brand’s credibility and reliability. If it’s far from the city, that doesn’t give a very good impression. On the other hand, in the case of employees’ approachability, if the office is too far from the city, it’ll be difficult for your team to continue working with you for a long time.  


Do you own a business that might need expansion in a couple of years? If yes, then you should consider this factor before choosing your office even at this stage. Changing your office frequently doesn’t give a good impression. It negatively affects your brand’s credibility. Therefore, if you plan to expand your business or team in near future, consider that before choosing the office now. Keeping in view the possible growth and the approximate expansion you might need, you should sign the lease accordingly. Moreover, you also need to check whether there’s room for expansion or not. If there’s no room for expansion or if you can’t afford expansion in this area then it’s definitely not the right office space for you.  


How much should you be spending on your office rents? Should you go for the one that has the most ideal location and serves all other factors perfectly? No. The office that meets all the criteria perfectly, might be bit too expensive for starting a business.  Afterall, you need your business to generate revenue and spending it all on rents and maintenance charges isn’t a wise decision.  However, this doesn’t mean you choose the cheapest option available to maximize the profits, either. So, how do you know which office meets your budget?  

A generic check is to see whether you can pay a 3 months’ deposit in advance. If yes, then this office falls in the acceptable bracket of your budget.  

When looking for office, make sure you ask about maintenance charges as well. This is what usually people get to know about as an unpleasant surprise later on. Don’t sign up for such surprises. Ask about maintenance and any other charges linked with the office space in Sydney CBD. You should have complete breakdown of the cost you’ll be spending on the office every month.  

Lastly, do a market survey. Ask the price of offices nearby. Make sure that the office you plan to rent is not being priced too high as compared to the offices in the near vicinity. 


Your office is going to need resources, such as, internet, postal service, electricity etc. When looking for office to rent, make sure the place has access to the facilities you are going to need. Also, check what price you would be paying for these facilities. Even that’s not all. You also need to check the service of these facilities. For example, you cannot afford an internet connection that gets interrupted frequently. Same goes for the telephone connection and even electricity. To run a successful business without facing infrastructure hurdles, you need to make sure there’s a smooth access to all the required facilities.