Laying turf layer like a professional

Planning to lay turf in your home? Contrary to the popular belief, you do not need a professional expert for this. No doubt, a skilled professional would be aware of the details of laying the turf. However, if you know these details, you can lay the turf yourself. Turf layers in Sydney add a special look to your house and it is extremely necessary that you do it the right way. Otherwise, it will only look like a flaw and you will end up wasting your money. So, should you take a course in turf layers?  Obviously not. We are here to save you from the exhausting and lengthy lectures. Take note of the tips mentioned here so you can save up some cash and lay your turf like an expert.  

Dig Deeper 

The core element that determines the growth of a plant is its roots. If you haven’t dug the soil deep enough, the roots wont be able to get the nutrients and water from the soil, resulting in poor growth of the grass. If you do not want pale-looking grass right after couple of weeks then the first and foremost thing that you need to be careful of is how deep you dig the soil. Usually the minimum depth advised for digging is about 15cm. However, knowing the significance of the depth, you should consider digging about 30cm. This will ensure sufficient supply of nutrients and water, even if your soil isn’t the ideal soil for plants.  

Improve the Soil 

Installing artificial or natural turn isn’t the same as growing vegetation in your garden. Contrary to the popular believe, the rules aren’t the same. There are different considerations for a healthy grass layer and a good soil is one of those considerations. But, it differs from vegetation in the way that you can not keep using fertilizers and other required chemicals as per requirement. In the case of grass, you need  to ensure the health of the soil before layng the grass. You can not alter the composition of the soil after observing the growth of your grass, as what people usually do in the case of plants and vegetation. So, to make sure your soil quality does not hinder the growth of grass, you should consider mixing some quality soil with known ingredients, with the soil in your garden. This will ensure ample supply of required nutrients. Remember, you can not do this after installing laying the turf.  


If you know anything about vegetation or gardening, you must be aware of the importance of fertilizers and how they are crucial to the growth of plants. Even if you have a good soil, the fertilizers play the role of a promising investment. Moreover, they cost only a fraction of the entire setup. So, in the case of natural turf, should you be missing out on pre-turfing fertilizers? Despite their promising results? If you’re not in the favor of keeping your soil from this important ingredient then you must get pre-turfing fertilizers before laying the turf layers. This will definitely improve the growth of your turf layer. Moreover, the process of harvesting and then laying the turf layer has a serious negative effect on the quality of the grass and the natural nutrients in the soil are usually not sufficient to cater for that loss in quality. Fertilizers are the perfect makeup for it.  

The timing 

Another big mistake people make when installing turf layer in their homes is not estimating the time correctly. Harvested rolled up turf’s quality deteriorates very quickly and in that moment, every second counts. If you’ve ordered your turf layer and it’s sitting in your garage rolled up, it is losing it’s nutrients and it’s ability to grow back. A lot of people tend to order the turf layers before they’ve even dug the ground. Do not make the same mistake. Keep this task at the end of your to-do list. Get the mixture of good soil, fertilizers and dig your soil before you order turf to be laid on it. This is especially important if you live in an area of hot weather.