Glam up all your events!


There are a lot of things that red carpet media events have in common. Sure, famous celebrities are one. After all, no red carpet event would be complete without the usual smattering of dazzlingly dressed celebs. There are so many reasons that we use red carpets for our events, too. Contrary to popular belief, red carpets are not just used for each and every big event that we have to have. In fact, red carpets are actually to be used for the most special of special occasions. We have seen them being used at most Hollywood events, because that is really perhaps as special as any event can get. However, in addition to Hollywood events, they can be used at several other events too. Anything that is really special for us, and we want to make it seem extra glamorous can have a red carpet. Whether we are looking to have a super fancy birthday bash, a private party, or even Christmas parties and product launches. Literally any event with a red carpet can seem so much more special for anyone invited. It can be our own little way of feeling as trendy and glam as all the big stars that we see on television! 

However, it isn’t just a red carpet which can make our events as regal as we want them to be. There is a lot more effort that goes into making sure that any event turns out just as perfect as we want it to be. Many things go into making any event as trendy and memorable as a red carpet event. This can involve having the perfect list of attendees. Everyone needs to look like they really belong at the event, and no one has to look out of place. This can require a whole lot of effort and time as we can have to go over guest lists over and over again, to make sure that the final list is absolutely perfect. Many red carpet events also have a certain dress code, which all attendees need to adhere to. We have all seen that odd celeb on the red carpet who shows up in something totally casual and looks extremely weird – we don’t want that to be our red carpet, so we need to pick dress codes accordingly. 

In addition to all of this, however, there is one extremely important factor that we need to take into account when setting up our own red carpet and that is the backdrop. We can overlook the importance of the backdrop, but in reality this is what can really make or break our event. A red carpet without an event specific backdrop can look hasty and just plain weird. With an event red carpet backdrophowever, the whole event can just start to look so much more chic and well put together and even more official. Brands which go the extra and super necessary step of having an event backdrop designed for their red carpet usually reap immense rewards, as they end up looking so much more official and chic.  

Media walls aren’t just great for aesthetic purposes, but they serve many functions as well. First off, they are where you can display and advertise not just yourself, but also the sponsors and any affiliates of the event. This is something that is extremely important to sponsors, as they want to be thanked for the effort that has been put in by them. It can put them at the forefront, where their brand name will always be visible in every single photograph that is taken. It can also be a great way for you to market any new products as they can be advertised in a very eye catching and memorable manner, through event red carpet backdrop 

There are just so many reasons why a media wall can make your event really shine. All you have to do is pick up the phone and get in touch with SK Display Banners and you can design a bespoke backdrop for any event! With this, you can make sure that all your events are as chic, memorable and glamorous as any big media event.