Scoring An Exceptional Dog Boarding Experience


Taking care of your dogs or cats is a risky task especially when one has to go out of town where they cannot come along. Goes without saying that, they would panic in your absence and would go miserable if could not be entertained as per their emotional needs. It’s a million dollar question for Aussies that, where to drop by their pets for short or long term when needed, what facility would be able to take care of them as per their emotional needs and as per your standards. There are various pet handling and minding facilities across Australia but one cannot trust on anyone without prior corroboration and credibility. Therefore it is important that you do your research beforehand and then take the services aboard. Small Paws has been doing a great job in this regard as their prime focus is on providing utmost comfort and security to your pets to safeguard your interest and to keep you relaxed during the time, you would be away. Besides, they have been entertaining queries and onboarding 24 hours a day, seven days a week, another great thing as emergency could arrive at any time so you would not have to follow an admission schedule in the situation of stress rather just walk in whenever required, fulfill the necessary documentation and then move on with the thing up next in the queue.   

There are a few tips that one can use to enhance its experience with a boarding house or hotel, starting from the following: 

Always Pack The Food 

It is always important to take care of your pet’s diet as dog boarding in Sydney houses do provide proper diet but a change of routine could trigger various gastrointestinal problems in your pet. Therefore, it is advised to leave him or her with the food it is used to of, also inform the authorities in your absence to follow the plan as you do. This would keep you away from the unforeseen health-related issues once you are back.  

Leave With Medical Records 

It is always good to be on a safe side when you are going to leave your dog with a pet boarding facility in Australia. It could fall sick, so leave the copy of its medical records with the boarding school along with the vet’s number so they could contact the concerned and get him treated in case anything happens or he falls sick. Besides, even if they could not reach out to the vet, they sure would have copies of medical treatment to engage a new one.  

Emergency Contact 

Always leave the number of the secondary contact person in case of your absence with the facility so they could contact him or her to take important decisions. For instance, if the dog gets sick then that trusted contact person would be able to take decisions on your behalf. Also, make this clear to the concerned facility that how much you would be willing to spend on the care facility of your dog so they would know in case of necessity that to what extent they could go in terms of spending in case you or the secondary contact go out of reach. 

Treats Supply 

If your dog is prone to be treated by too many treats then you should bring along sufficient supply of these incentives at the dog boarding facility so he would not feel being treated any less in your absence. However, inform the staff that when to dish out the incentive and at what occasions. Nobody wants to come home to an angry, treat-bloated dog, to say the least. 

Inspect The Place 

It is imperative that you check the pet boarding Australia facility before handing over your dog to ensure that it would depress the dog. Also, look out for the place where he would be spending more of its time and whether he would be mingling with other dogs or not. If the place is comfortable or noisy, are they solid walls in between the partitions or not. All these things are important considerations before you hand over the responsibility of your dog to anyone. 

Pets are sensitive creatures and extremely attached to their owners, it is, therefore, important to find someone who would treat them accordingly in your presence as well as in your absence, without causing any troubles or hassles for you.