Here’s How To Shop For Your Newborn Baby!


All the mommies-to-be or new mommies reading this, we know how excited you must be to welcome your newborn. That rush of excitement, an itsy-bitsy fear and uncertainty of the time to come all keeps you hooked up to the little life either inside you or you just birthed. In the midst of all the emotional fiasco, shopping for your baby and providing the basic necessities for him is the thing that keeps you on the edge. Obviously, shopping for a little one is a lot different than shopping for yourself. There are a dozen things that are to be kept in mind and almost similar to be sure of. But, don’t worry, we are here to help you through it today. If shopping for your baby felt like a daunting task to you previously, fret no more. Let’s discuss together all the things you should keep in mind while shopping for a newborn. 

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort! 

Let’s start with the foremost thing that has to be remembered at any cost. Comfort should be the key. So, what do we mean by comfort here? While you are shopping for an infant, you must know whatever you are buying should extremely be comfortable for the little being. Newborn have sensitive skin, and extremely for that matter, hence it can react to rough fabric. Make sure you do your research on the kind of fabrics that are baby-friendly and buy only those that are breezy, soft and light. You wouldn’t want to suffocate your baby’s skin. If it is summers, buy light clothes and if it is winters, buy warmer ones. You can also buy cute geek baby clothes to fulfil your heart’s desire of dressing up your baby like a nerd. All the while keeping the comfort of your baby at the top of your mind. In general, fleece, cotton and other blended fabrics are recommended for the baby. They are gentle on the skin, absorbent and smooth; hence the baby won’t even feel a thing while wearing them. Just always remember that with babies it is more about comfort than anything else. With diapers and such, there are always chances of rashes, so make sure the clothes they wear are comfortable and don’t add to them. 

Simple & Essential 

As we have already mentioned above, there are a lot of fabrics out there to choose from. Once you go out to shop, you will be smitten as to what the shops have to offer you. The variety is obviously going to lure you, but make sure the simple, the better. Your baby does not need embellishments, frills and other such unnecessary decoration on his clothes. It is only going to irritate the skin and cause severe rashes. Therefore, all the dresses that are fuss free, smooth and do not carry a parade of design along are suggested. You will also have to change your baby’s clothes several times a day. Hence, it would be better to shop for the ones that can easily be taken on and off without irritating the baby. For this, avoid the clothes with too many pins, buttons, hooks, and zips, etc. Jumpers and onesies look cute anyway. So, why not opt for them? Another important thing here would be to stock up on all the essentials. Make sure you have all the items you need to clean them, spit on, drool on and barf at. These singlets come with the wardrobe so you don’t have to go out of the way. Buy comfortable tops, jumpers, onesies, coats and cardigans as they be useful in a long run. 

Size & Quantity 

We know the excitement of being a mother, so we get if you would want to stock up on piles and piles of clothes. But, remember that your baby will be outgrowing them ever so quickly. What would be the purpose of having a dozen almost new clothes just waiting in your wardrobe never to be worn again. Hence, always buy less clothes and keep on buying new ones as your kid continues to grow. You can also stock up on large sizes, as they won’t only be comfortable but will also be useable in a long run.