Putting the ease back in parenting.

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you what a joy it is to have and to raise a child. Despite all the ups and downs overall it can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and something that can be one of the most transformative periods even for the parents. However, they will also tell you that there can be so many moments that are utterly frustrating as well. One of the biggest ways in which parents – especially new parents – can feel overburdened is when their children are growing up and are trying to make their way around the world. While this can obviously be a very exciting period of time, sometimes it can get extremely tiring for parents as they have to make sure that their kids don’t go and get themselves hurt. There are all sorts of things out there that can be extremely harmful for our babies, and even more so as our babies during this period of time want to learn about each and every thing that they can see. This can mean that parents constantly have to be running around behind their kids so that they don’t stick their fingers in electricity sockets or end up going down the stairs, and it can also mean that parents can spend a lot of time trying to (fruitlessly) distract their kids with one thing or the other so that they sit still.  

Difficulties of having a toddler 

One of the best ways that parents can keep their kids occupied for long periods of time on end is by letting them join us in our daily activities. There is nothing our children want more – at least at that age – than to be around their parents and to be helping them out. Whether you are working in the kitchen or doing some office work, you can be sure that your toddler wants to be sitting beside you so that they can see what you are up to. While most parents would love to have their kids with them as they work, sometimes it might seem impossible. The kitchen counter is way too high for toddlers to reach up to and seating them on it can be an impossible option. Similarly, it isn’t always possible to bring our kids to work with us at home because they might end up hurting themselves by falling off. 

Step stools to help your kids be a part of the fun 

Enter the humble Montessori step stool. This step stool is the safe and extremely reliable way that we can help our kids be around us no matter what they are doing. It can allow our kids to reach surfaces that were previously too high for them, without the danger of falling off as it can help keep our kids stabilized and free from any dangerous situations. This can be beneficial in a wide number of ways as it can help us build stronger bonds with our kids as we engage in meaningful tasks together, and it can also let us work peacefully without having to wonder what mischief our kids might be up to. A learning tower can be a great way for our toddler to learn about the environment in the safest way possible.  

Toys to help with distraction 

Similarly, Montessori wooden toys can be the best (and most environmentally friendly) way for us to occupy our child’s time as much as possible. These toys can offer a wonderfully nostalgic feel for the parents and they can be a great way for our kids to learn about things such as colours and shapes and animals in the most interesting way possible. The range of things that kids can do with wooden toys is potentially limitless, so we can be sure that we can hand these out to our kids whenever we have to do something important, and rest assured that they’ll be safely occupied.  

 Parenting tools such as the Montessori step stool or the wooden toys from My Happy Helpers can help tired parents bring the fun back to parenting. They can offer fun and creative ways for us to interact with our children, so that both parties can learn and grow. What’s more is that each of the products are made from top quality materials so they are sure to last through the years safely.