A root canal treatment can save your teeth and smile!

At times of sever and continuous pain in your tooth, tooth canal treatment can save you from this misery. Not just that, it also saves your tooth from an extraction, which could deprive you of a natural tooth for good. 

It is a permanent solution that would keep intact and functioning your tooth for a long future to come, and help you sustain a bright and bold smile for ever. 

Just you make sure, when you get a root canal treatment, ask your dentist or endodontist if you need dental crowns option too. Without it your filling might not be able to hold into its position for ever, and you would need the treatment again. 

Here is how you should go about the process: 

  • Ask your endodontist if you need a root canal treatment. It is not for everyone and for every dental problem. 
  • On examination your dentist can help you know if that treatment is only option for you. They would advise you on procedure, timeframe, cost and associated treatment, its time and recovery process and care you would need to take while in recovery mode. 
  • root canal treatment can take more than one appointment with your dentist so make sure you would have enough time from your busy schedule to commit yourself to treatment. 
  • Nonetheless, you would need the treatment once advised for it, as living without it can make you lose your tooth or teeth, and it might then carry on to other teeth as well.  
  • Also, make sure you get dental crowns too. It is more likely you would be advised for that for longer protection of filling into your tooth canal. Otherwise, it remains exposed to routine use of your teeth and it can cause damage to them. 
  • Without dental crowns you may not be guaranteed how long your filling would be able hold into canal of your teeth, it can wear out in the longer run. 
  • Generally, the process of treatment is not painful especially when gums area around teeth is anaesthetised. You might suffer some uneasiness or discomfort during initial cleaning process. 
  • Also, to avoid any possibility of pain or sensitivity to cold or hot, you might be recommended for taking extra care for some time. May be asked to avoid drinking and eating too hot or cold foods. 
  • You can ask for an advice and help to your dentist before treatment if you are on a treatment for any illness or are taking any medication, or have any sensitivities and allergies. It is likely you would be asked for those and other issues by your endodontist before your treatment begins. 
  • It should not matter when it comes to saving a natural part of your body even a tooth from a permanent loss, but generally cost of a root canal treatment including dental crowns is very competitive. 
  • When you do not have options such as an insurance cover, which could be more likely in case of dental treatments, it would not cost you as much. You can even put it on your credit card. 
  • Still you can ask from your endodontist at the time an appointment how much would it cost you in total: root canal treatment and dental crowns. This would help you to have a sense of the cost beforehand. 
  • It would definitely a worth spent money. It is a matter of health of your teeth, relieving you of pain permanently, saving your tooth from extraction and helping you put a smile on your face again, and forever. 
  • Without it you might end up losing your tooth permanently, and when you again go into cosmetic dental treatments to have a cosmetic replacement, it could cost you more, and for not a natural solution. 

So, why not make a spend worthwhile first time and save your natural tooth. When you compared a root canal treatment with other treatments, it is less than those. 

It would help you carry on with your life pain free. You could eat your food and drink in normal way again. Further, it would prevent spread of the problem to more teeth, which could cost you more and more every time you skip a treatment. 

No surprisingly your dentist would always advise you for a root canal treatment and saving you from losing it permanently. There are rare occasions, especially when a tooth is completely damaged that no other treatment helps, extraction remains the only possibility then. When you get your teeth examined regularly, you can save yourself from coming to that point that you need an extraction.