A basic guide to horse racing


Horse racing is one of the most ancient sports that involves two or more horses that are being ridden by jockeys in a race of speed over a specific distance. The basic concept of the sport which is to see which horse is the fastest over a set course has stayed the same over time but there are certain variations such as restricting the racing to certain breeds and running through an obstacle course. Others things have also evolved such as the monitoring equipment being uses as well as the money that is placed on the horses in the form of bets as well as race horse auctions in Melbourne and the entire thing has grown from being a leisure sport for the upper classes to being a money-making business. This sport has been around for many years and there are archaeological records that show that this form of racing was practiced in Ancient Greece, Egypt and Syria. Chariot tracing was also popular among the Romans and Greece but was considered a dangerous sport as it led to injury as well as death on the rider’s part. There are many different forms of horse racing such as jump racing where the horses jump over the obstacles and endurance racing where the horses travel across the country over great distances. The most common form of horse racing that is seen all over the world is flat racing where the track is usually in an oval shape and the fastest horse wins the race.  

Most people believe that there only one type of horse that is used for racing and bought in race horse auction, however that is not the case as there are many types of breeds that are ideal for racing: 

  1. Thoroughbred are the horses that are mostly seen in races and nothing comes close to the crowd that they attract. It has a long neck and legs and lean body and are hot blooded in nature which give them a certain type of boldness.  They are also used in other types of sports such as rodeos and show jumping. Their value is determined by factors such as age and performance in previous races. 
  1. Arabians are one of the oldest breeds of horses and were mainly used for wars as well as long distance travelling to invade enemy camps and it is believed that this led to the development of their present-day speed and stamina. They have an arched neck with a small muzzle and are also purchased to improve other types of breeds. They are mostly used in endurance racing. 
  1. Standardbred horses are used for harness racing as they are easier to train than thoroughbreds and are also more friendly towards people.  
  1. American quarter horses are known for their strength and ability to cross short distances at a great distance. They have a stocky appearance and a muscular body and are also a popular choice as family horses. 

Many people thrive on a business of horse breeding which they can sell at race horse auctions. The whole process of an auction can be a bit intimidating especially if it is your first time. Sellers are usually charged an entry fee along with a percentage of the selling price of the horse to be able to participate in the auction. You should also be aware of the rules of the auction before selling your horse there and be sure to find out if you are able to put a minimum bid on your horse. Your horse should also be presentable, meaning that it should be washed and clean. All your paperwork should be in order so that you can prove that you have the legal authority to sell it. Buyers, on the other hand, should be aware that you are buying the horse that you are seeing and all the queries that you have should be dealt with before the bidding begins. Ask the seller any and all questions that you have and only bid on the horse if you are fully satisfied. If you are not aware of the process beforehand, then attend a sale so that you become comfortable with the entire thing.